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Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Services

If you live in Utah, you are eligible for services at BHIDC. We offer in-person services to individuals who live in the greater Salt Lake City area or who are able to drive to Salt Lake City. We offer telehealth services to individuals who live at a greater distance or who prefer them.

Yes. Learn more about all of our clinical services here.

No, you are eligible for medication management services at BHIDC whether or not you are also receiving psychotherapy at BHIDC. Learn more about all of our clinical services here.

We do not accept insurance. Fees are based on a sliding scale ranging from $20 - $120/hr based on your household income and the training level of the provider you see. While we cannot guarantee that your insurance company will reimburse you for your session fees, we are happy to assist you with submitting a claim to your insurance company.

Yes, you can select the level of clinician (i.e., Masters or Doctoral student, pre-licensed PhD, or a licensed clinican) you would like to see depending on availability.

We are not a UHealth clinic. We are a center at the University of Utah dedicated to providing high quality mental health care to the general public. We are happy to coordinate care with any UHealth, other on-campus, or community mental health providers.

We are located on the main campus of the University of Utah. Our clinic is on the third floor of the Gardner Commons building in suite 3525. 
Last Updated: 12/5/23