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The BHIDC is committed to providing high-quality evidence-based treatment to all. Our clinic is a research and training clinic, which means we’ll be asking you to fill out some questionnaires before, during and after treatment. This allows us to make sure the treatments we’re providing you with are effective and helping you meet your goals. The BHIDC is staffed by University of Utah faculty who are licensed psychologists and social workers as well as University of Utah graduate level trainees in social work, psychology, psychiatry and nursing. All trainees are supervised by a licensed clinician who is a University of Utah faculty member. Trainees in our clinic gain great experience that they need to pursue their graduate degrees and are supervised by faculty members at the University of Utah. Worried about seeing a trainee for therapy? Don’t be! Research shows that trainees often provide the same level of care as licensed clinicians. Working with a trainee in our clinic also means that you will get to benefit from the expertise of faculty members at the University of Utah.
The BHIDC is located on the third floor of the Gardner Commons Building at the University of Utah Campus, next to the student union. Visitor parking is available in the student union parking lot. Parking is $1.50 per hour.
Learn more about our staff here and about costs of treatment here.
Last Updated: 12/5/23