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Smartring Feedback Study for OCD

Are you an individual who has been diagnosed with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)?  

Are you interested in providing feedback on an innovative and novel smart-ring device to see how it detects behaviors that often occur in the context of OCD? 

If yes, would you like to participate in a brief study at the University of Utah that involves:

* Completing an online feedback interview session with a study staff member about how feasible or useful such a device will be, from your perspective?
* Providing your thoughts on the most useful features we should consider for this device as we design it?

The study entails a total time commitment of just 1 hour consisting of a very brief semi-structured interview to determine eligibility followed by a feedback session (all on Zoom) where you chat with a study staff member and complete a few brief scales about the device.  You will be compensated $10 just for being screened 
(even if not eligible), and if eligible, you can be compensated a total of $40 for your time! 

Interested individuals can reach out to set up an appointment to determine eligibility (and to complete the feedback session if eligible) with a staff member at the Treatment Mechanisms, Community Empowerment, and Technology Innovations (TCT) Lab at the University of Utah – email us at and we will schedule a time with you right away! 

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Last Updated: 12/5/23